Heartbeat Bill Introduced in Idaho Legislature

Heartbeat Bill Introduced in Idaho Legislature

I have exciting news for you: Senator Patti Anne Lodge (R-Caldwell) and Representative Steven Harris (R-Meridian) introduced a Heartbeat Bill that would protect preborn children with beating hearts from abortion.

Every new parent knows the excitement and joy of first hearing their son or daughter’s heartbeat during early prenatal care exams. From the moment of conception, every preborn child is a precious person with a unique and distinct genetic identity. While a heartbeat is not the beginning of life, it is universally used by medical professionals and ethicists as a sign of life.

Modern ultrasound technology routinely detects the heartbeat of a preborn child as early as six weeks of gestational age—and 90 to 98 percent of preborn children with an observable fetal heartbeat early in the pregnancy will survive to term!

This Heartbeat Bill continues the longstanding work of the pro-life movement by incrementally bolstering protections for preborn babies all the while pushing back against the judicial activism of the Supreme Court.

This legislation has a long way to go before it is signed by Governor Little and becomes law. Here’s what you can do now to support the Heartbeat Bill:

  1. Please join us in prayer: Heavenly Father, we know that you care deeply for children in the womb who bear your image, and we repent that our government has allowed these innocent lives to be taken. Please give wisdom and courage to state lawmakers as they consider pro-life bills that protect preborn human life. We know that your justice requires equal legal protections for all citizens, including those yet to be born. May you change the hearts and minds of abortionists in our state and the mothers and the fathers who are considering abortion right now. In the precious name of Jesus, your Son, we pray. Amen.
  2. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho has been working with the bill sponsors on this legislation, and we stand ready to champion it through the legislative process. Will you prayerfully consider a generous gift of $35, $75, or $150 to enable us to keep standing for life at our State Capitol?


Standing for life,

Blaine Conzatti

Executive Director