ALERT: Ask your state representatives to ban minor sex changes

ALERT: Ask your state representatives to ban minor sex changes

Children in Idaho can’t purchase cigarettes or alcohol, and they can’t drop out of school or use a tanning bed before turning 16 years old. But children who self-identify as “transgender” can receive puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, all without parental consent.

That’s why we teamed up with Rep. Bruce Skaug (R-Nampa) and Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R-Meridian) to draft legislation that bans puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment procedures for minor children struggling with gender dysphoria.

The bill, which we’ve named the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (HB 71), passed out of House committee this afternoon and is now on its way to the House floor.

It’s critical that you make your voice heard! Here are two ways you can help:

1. Use our Action Center to send a message asking your state representatives to vote “yes” on the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (HB 71).

2. Share this message with your family and friends who agree that we need to protect gender-confused children from being harmed by these irreversible pharmaceutical and surgical interventions


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  1. can you comment on H0145 – Children, treatment by prayer, in the Idaho Judiciary committee? It appears to me not good as it removes the family protection from government abuse of children if “child services” deems “if for that reason alone be construed to be a violation”. We know people, including children, have been okay contrary to medical advice or expectations, but not always. In any case, if only because a government official disagrees with prayer despite the health, prognosis, stability or faith of the family is not reason enough, by itself, to disrupt a family.

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