ALERT: Don’t Erase Women and Mothers

ALERT: Don’t Erase Women and Mothers

Remember when former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) changed US House rules to “honor all gender identities” by eliminating terms like “mother,” “father,” “female,” and “male”?

Unfortunately, progressives are hellbent on deconstructing the distinctions between males and females—and they’re waging a war against the longstanding legal meanings of these terms.

Why does this matter? Without clear definitions of male and female:

  • Sex-based protections for women-only sports and women-only domestic violence shelters become meaningless
  • Maintaining separate bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas for biological males and biological females becomes impossible
  • Implementing reasonable, sex-based workplace distinctions (e.g., policies that require male and female employees to wear sex-appropriate work uniforms) becomes legally problematic

Thankfully, Rep. Julianne Young (R-Blackfoot) has introduced House Bill 421, which creates rock-solid statutory definitions for “sex,” “gender,” “mother,” “father,” and other sex-based terms that would be applied consistently throughout state code.

But not everyone sees it this way. Regrettably, House Bill 421 has been sitting in the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee since passing the Idaho House of Representatives on a 54-14 vote more than a month ago.

It’s time to ask the Senate State Affairs Committee to take positive action on this important legislation.

Send an email asking committee members to support House Bill 421 so that Idaho can continue being a place that recognizes the differences between men and women! 


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  1. It does not look like HB 421 made it to a vote in the senate. If that is true, I would respectfully ask, “Why?” This was a clearly written bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the House. It is time for the Senate to be required to take action on any bill sent to them by the house that has been passed by a majority of the house members.

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