ALERT: Local Parade Bans Crosses

ALERT: Local Parade Bans Crosses

America was founded as a Christian nation. So why is one local Independence Day parade restricting Christian expression for participants?

We were shocked when we learned that the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce recently changed their policies to prohibit religious symbols and flags in their annual 4th of July parade.

At Idaho Family Policy Center, we recognize that it’s impossible to celebrate America without fully embracing our nation’s – and our state’s – Christian heritage.

Christians should be free to respectfully proclaim the Gospel, the Cross of Christ, and the Christian flag. This is ESPECIALLY true at celebrations of the United States of America.

It’s time to push back against this censorship of our founding values—and stand with conviction for religious expression at local Independence Day celebrations.

Use our Action Center to send an email directly to the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce, asking them to allow Christian parade participants to express their faith – and the faith of our forefathers – at this community event.


10 Responses

  1. It’s ridiculous that coeurd’alene would ban crosses representing the sacrifice that brought so many to salvation. People will bring more crosses than any prior year if they are banned.

  2. Im not asking to show religious and patriotic symbols at the parade. This is not the year to be pulling these kinds of stunts. Every single member of the chamber who supports this ban is violating the constitution of both the United States and Idaho. You can not infringe on public shows of religion. You will be vored out this cycle. Thats a promise.

  3. That’s easy, everyone who shows up to the parade needs to do so with large bibles, biblical signs and symbols.

  4. I signed your petition, but my comment to the city was broader than Christian symbols, specifically crosses. If the city IS selecting out these while allowing others, then, yes, that IS abridgement of the Establishment Clause. If on the other hand the city is banning ALL religious symbols, etc., there has to be a demonstrated reason of harm that needs to be explained, OPENLY! I think that it would be wise for you to couch your objective in legal, non-denominational, terms rather than single-facet religious terms because doing the second is asking, at best, for discriminatory treatment.

  5. Who exactly does this chamber of Commerce represent? It certainly isn’t the people of Coeur D Alene . This is discrimination and extremely offensive , especially on the celebration of our independence .

  6. Well, let’s just see how that works out!! You let those opposed to Christian values wave their flags and carry their symbols. This country was founded on religious freedom. I think the C of C has made a very foolish move. I’m going to find my best T-shirt for the parade.

  7. So 50 people complained out of thousands who attend. The chamber cowtows to those 50 left wing radicals. Why? Because the chamber is comprised of left wing radicals. Look who the CEO is. A Democrat donor from Seattle. Need I say more? The best course of action would have been for everyone to simply stay home. Let them have their parade with nobody attending.

  8. So that council has been infiltrated by the left? Better get ahold of it before it spreads like cancer through other offices there.

  9. Not sure why we need to “ask them to allow” — the prophets of Baal do not have the authority to grant God’s people the right to peaceably glorify God in parades or any other public place, Almighty God has already “allowed”; no, COMMANDED His people to proclaim Him throughout all the earth (via the dominion mandate and the great commission)! May God grant Idahoans the courage to march in parades singing Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, carrying “JESUS IS LORD” banners with grace in their hearts! Amen! 🙂

  10. America was founded by a group of men with a variety of beliefs who intentionally excluded religion from our laws and governing structures because they know it causes the division and strife that you want.
    My Muslim, Jewish, Pagan atheist family and friends don’t need YOUR Christianity to be American.

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