ALERT: School bathroom legislation will be considered by Senate committee tomorrow!

ALERT: School bathroom legislation will be considered by Senate committee tomorrow!


Our legislation to address school bathrooms, Senate Bill 1100, will be heard by the Senate Education Committee tomorrow afternoon.

The bill would create a statewide policy ensuring that public schools maintain separate restrooms and locker rooms for biological boys and biological girls. It is sponsored by Sen. Ben Adams (R-Nampa) and Rep. Ted Hill (R-Eagle).


Here are two ways you can help:


1. Use our Action Center to send an email to your state senator voicing your support for SB 1100. Encouraging your senator to vote ‘yes’ only takes a minute of your time, but it can make a big difference—and don’t forget to forward to your friends

2. Are you a concerned parent or community member who would like to testify? Email our volunteer coordinator, Kelly Cope, at [email protected].


Let’s protect the privacy and safety of all students in vulnerable places like bathrooms and changing facilities!


P.S. You can view and download our one-page explainer on SB 1100 by clicking here.




11 Responses

  1. Yes! Keep them separate! Don’t let another child get raped in a school bathroom! I don’t want Idaho to turn into Virginia! Unsafe horrible trash heap! Poor girl!

  2. I’m all for protecting the the privacy and safety in the restrooms, sports or anything else against the stupid transgender BS

  3. Please keep boys and girls separate. This is hard to believe that you have to vote on this. Can you say you want boys in with your daughter while she goes to the bathroom or showers, which will follow if this goes threw. I say NO

    1. Good job Kelly, keep up the good work!
      NO to Biological boys in girls locker rooms!!
      No to Biological girls in boys locker rooms!!
      This madness has got to stop!

  4. Please vote to protect our children as they are using the bathroom and doing other activities which should be private.

  5. Do the right thing and protect our females in their most vulnerable environments.
    We have had enough of this madness.
    Vote to keep bathrooms separated by sex at birth or we will vote to remove you.

  6. I do not want my Grandchildren to get sex ed in the school bathroom from anyone. If it is not enough to accept people with no sexual boundaries, we need to draw the line when being ask (or forced) to allow
    innocent young children to participate in these questionable lifestyles.

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