ALERT: Stop DEI in State Agencies and Public Higher Ed

ALERT: Stop DEI in State Agencies and Public Higher Ed

The social justice cancer has metastasized in recent years, reaching even the highest levels of our state government.

The main culprit? Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, which promise to shed light on workplace microaggressions, combat systemic racism and sexism, and secure preferential treatment for politically favored groups based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Thankfully, other Republican-led states are showing the way to combat these discriminatory and divisive programs—and it’s time that Idaho follows their lead.

In an act of decisive leadership, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed an executive order last week to curb DEI initiatives in state agencies and institutions of higher education.

The executive order requires state agencies and public higher education to conduct a “review of DEI positions, departments, activities, procedures, and programs,” all with the goal of eliminating DEI programs and dismissing DEI personnel. It also prohibits state-funded programs from mandating any person to disclose their pronouns.

We need leadership like this in Idaho. Send a message asking Gov. Brad Little to issue a similar executive order ensuring that our tax dollars and public institutions aren’t used as social engineering firms for the DEI agenda.

With your help, we can send a message that Idaho will no longer tolerate the DEI woke-virus in our state agencies, colleges, and universities.




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  1. Lets stop DEI training in the state of Idaho. And in our schools. We have more important things to invest in.

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