ALERT: Tell St. Luke’s to Stop Pushing the LGBT Agenda! 🏳️‍🌈

ALERT: Tell St. Luke’s to Stop Pushing the LGBT Agenda! 🏳️‍🌈

Last year, we achieved a major victory when the St. Luke’s Health System pulled down some Pride decorations after Idaho Family Policy Center mobilized thousands of Idahoans to voice their concerns.

But St. Luke’s is doubling down this year by flying Pride flags, sponsoring Pride events, and hosting DEI trainings on LGBT Pride—and we need YOU to take action now against politicized health care!

In fact, IFPC has recently obtained an internal St. Luke’s DEI memo that reads:

By prominently displaying the Inclusive Progress Pride Flag, we not only demonstrate our dedication to inclusivity but also draw attention to the pressing need to address the health disparities affecting the LGBTQIA+ community. We recognize the significant challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals in accessing health care, including misgendering, insurance obstacles and outright denial of treatment.

It doesn’t end there. The memo also advertised “Rainbow Wednesdays,” in which employees are “encouraged to wear clothing that incorporates rainbow colors.” Toward that end, the St. Luke’s company store is selling Pride-branded gear for employees.

Here’s the problem: Medical researchers have long known that homosexual behaviors bring a higher risk of health problems like HIV, STD’s, alcoholism, cardiovascular disease, mental health struggles, and other chronic illnesses.

St. Luke’s is Idaho’s largest healthcare provider—sworn to “do no harm.” But sadly, these healthcare professionals are actively celebrating and promoting destructive lifestyles that conflict with the values of many Idahoans!

Woke medical care is dangerous. It’s time to make our voices heard. Tell St. Luke’s to knock it off and stop pushing the LGBT agenda onto families in the Gem State!


4 Responses

  1. I care about the physical and mental well-being of people and science has shown that the LBGTQIA+ lifestyle does not support that. A Hospital is a place for people to heal. Please remove your support for pride month and focus on what you do best. Thank you.

  2. The youth of America are being sold an “agenda” by those whose sole purpose is to make money off of them. The LGBTQ+ community is harming the future of our Nation by promoting an artificial and false construct that “it doesn’t matter what sex you were born with, you can become whatever you want to be — male or female.” Any person who has taken basic science knows that this is false on its face, with almost no exceptions. As a hospital, St. Luke’s primary focus should be the same as ALL physicians, which is to DO NO HARM.

    Children, as they grow and mature, go through many stages. They have natural hormonal ups and downs. They must go through times when they have little confidence, until they understand life and build-up their confidence. Some time ago a group of people decided that this would be an IDEAL OPPORTUNITY to take hold of impressionable minds of children and confuse them. This is an agenda that can be for only one purpose — TO MAKE MONEY. Tell children they “may be a girl” (though they are actually male), or tell them they “may be a boy” (though they are actually female). The people pushing this agenda are unscrupulous liars who want to make lots of money by taking these naive children and conning them into hormone blockers and transitional surgeries that are NOT REVERSIBLE. St. Lukes Hospital MUST STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF LIVES for PROFIT. The professionals working for St. Luke’s know that when they tell kids “You can have a top surgery,” it is a simple way to tell them about mastectomies (cutting off breasts). They also tell them they can have “bottom surgeries,” which is another very simple way of saying that we will cut off your penis,” without scaring the child. We all know that chemicals, hormones, surgeries and all associated therapies are tied to HUGE COSTS. Surely St. Lukes realizes that the financial gains they are making, are obtained by deception and trickery of children who do not have the cognitive maturity to understand the long-range implications. This is PURE EVIL and it is something that MUST STOP!

    St. Luke’s is supposed to be a hospital: an institution in which sick or injured people are given medical or surgical treatment.

    These procedures are not for sick or injured children. They are concocted by GREED and those who are in any way involved are EVIL.

    STOP the insanity! St. Luke’s legacy is being tarnished beyond repair. Just remember, you can have all of the money in the world, but it will NEVER BUY YOU a clean conscience or assuage your guilt over all of the lives you have ruined.

  3. I call baloney on this whole pride agenda. People having challenges accessing healthcare, really? I have yet to encounter one individual in my entire lifetime (70 years) that was denied healthcare. Please stop with this agenda and just let people go about their lives. Isn’t it enough that you and St Alphonsus enjoy an uncontested monopoly on healthcare in Idaho? This is all just ideological nonsense and virtual signalling. Concentrate on delivering good healthcare and making it affordable for Idahoans.

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