News Roundup: Pocatello awards drag queens | Labrador fights Boise homelessness

1. Idaho Family Policy Center fights for Iowa’s Heartbeat Law Planned Parenthood will stop at nothing to protect their biggest money maker—abortions. Even though the US Supreme Court ruled in Dobbs that states can regulate abortion to protect human life, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit challenging Iowa’s newly implemented Heartbeat law. Now, the Iowa Supreme Court is […]

EXCLUSIVE: Idaho Hospitals Perform Unreported Abortions

Under state law, medical providers must submit reports to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for every abortion they perform. However, recent court records have brought to light that St. Alphonsus, a prominent hospital system in the Treasure Valley, has been performing abortions without filing documentation with state officials. Idaho Family Policy Center investigated this […]

News Roundup: Judge confirms students can’t vote with student IDs

1. Expanding government welfare programs isn’t pro-life In the wake of the Dobbs decision last summer that allowed state-level abortion bans to take effect, many misguided individuals on both sides of the aisle have begun advocating expanded government assistance for mothers and children as the “pro-life” position. While we absolutely want to help mothers and children get […]

ALERT: Stop Biden Workplace Abortion Accomodations

  The ‘Pregnant Workers Fairness Act’ was passed by the U.S. Congress last year with the stated purpose of protecting pregnant women from discrimination in the workplace. At the time, congressional sponsors promised that the law would not require employers to provide employees paid leave for abortion—but the Biden administration had other plans. Despite clear […]

News Roundup: Federal courts uphold abortion and child sex change bans

1. Kootenai County Sheriff pays late fees to get explicit material away from minors We’ve heard from parents across the state who are outraged that their local libraries keep refusing to restrict children’s access to obscene library materials. Sheriff Bob Norris (R-Kootenai County) shares their frustration—and he’s had enough. “I was a little bit shocked […]

News Roundup: Idaho physicians claim they don’t understand state abortion laws

1. Idaho sued because physicians claim they don’t understand abortion laws Earlier this month, Idaho was sued yet again over our abortion laws—this time by physicians (and a small handful of women) who claim that the Heartbeat and Trigger laws “lack clarity regarding how and when the medical emergency exceptions apply.” Despite their extensive education […]

News Roundup: CA Attacks Parental Rights; Pro-Life Activists Imprisoned

1. Trans-ing kids isn’t constitutional—more good news for our Vulnerable Child Protection Act! We made history this legislative session when the Vulnerable Child Protection Act – which was drafted by Idaho Family Policy Center and championed by Rep. Bruce Skaug (R-Nampa) and Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R-Meridian) – became law, making Idaho the tenth state […]