Boise becomes sanctuary city for abortion violence

The unthinkable has happened: Boise is now a “sanctuary city” for abortion violence, even though a state law that bans most abortions is scheduled to take effect sometime next month.

The far-left city council voted 3-2 on Tuesday to adopt the resolution, which prevents local law enforcement and city employees from helping enforce state laws restricting abortion.

Adding to the lawlessness exemplified by the city council, Boise Police has already expressed its intention to comply with the resolution, meaning its officers won’t investigate violations of abortion laws.

Idaho has a trigger law that bans most abortions after conception. That law is scheduled to become enforceable next month, although it is currently facing a legal challenge in the Idaho State Supreme Court.

But the trigger law contains only criminal penalties, and those penalties will be almost impossible to enforce if local police departments, like Boise, refuse to investigate abortionists or cooperate with prosecutors.

This is why the Heartbeat law is still so important.

The Heartbeat law, which was signed by Gov. Brad Little earlier this year, allows family members of an unlawfully aborted baby to sue the abortionist for statutory damages.

So even if Boise abortionists aren’t criminally charged, family members could still hold them civilly liable through the private enforcement mechanism created by the Heartbeat law.

In this way, the Heartbeat law acts as a backstop, helping ensure some level of justice for unlawfully aborted preborn babies and their families when rogue cities and prosecutors refuse to enforce state laws restricting abortion.

On August 3, the Idaho State Supreme Court will decide how to proceed with the legal challenges against both the Heartbeat law and the trigger law.

We need to be praying that both laws are robustly defended and allowed to take effect. Please be praying for our attorney general and state supreme court justices. Preborn babies have a God-given right to life—and no court or leftist city should be allowed to take that right away.


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  1. An excellent reason to boot them the radical socialists out of office and carefully vet any candidate asking for my vote, especially those who are not required to declare their political leanings.

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