BREAKING: ‘Compromise’ Library Bill Killed in Senate

BREAKING: ‘Compromise’ Library Bill Killed in Senate

Just minutes ago, the Idaho Senate killed the ‘compromise’ library bill after Idaho Family Policy Center raised concerns in recent weeks.

While well-intentioned, Senate Bill 1289 suffered from numerous fatal flaws, including outdated and unconstitutional definitions that would’ve invited unnecessary court challenges.

The legislation would have also enabled schools and libraries to skirt legal responsibility for distributing obscene materials to minor children.

Over the last couple weeks, conservative Christians like YOU used the IFPC Action Center to send more than 7,000 emails asking Senators to fix these problems by amending the bill. Sadly, the bill sponsors refused—culminating in the stunning 17-18 vote on the Senate floor today, effectively killing the bill.

Moving forward, it’s our hope that state legislators take this opportunity to offer real solutions that will protect children from library pornography. And as we’ve promised in the past, Idaho Family Policy Center will support any forthcoming bill that gives parents real legal tools to hold schools and libraries accountable.

One last thing: Now that the ‘compromise’ bill is no longer on the table, it’s even more important that you sign our petition asking state leaders to solve this issue once-and-for-all.

The events today prove that we can make a difference when we exercise biblical citizenship together. Keep fighting the good fight!


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