BREAKING: Senate Committee Introduces School Bathroom Legislation

BREAKING: Senate Committee Introduces School Bathroom Legislation

Today is a big day at the Capitol for Idaho families!

You’ve probably already seen our morning email about our Children’s School and Library Protection Act. That bill, which would prohibit schools and libraries from distributing pornography to minor children, was introduced in the House State Affairs Committee earlier today.

But it keeps getting better! Just a few minutes ago, the Senate Education Committee introduced our new legislation to protect biological girls in school bathrooms, locker rooms, changing areas, and showers.

We’re excited to partner with sponsors Sen. Ben Adams (R-Nampa) and Rep. Ted Hill (R-Eagle) on this important legislation, which we’ve named “Protecting the Privacy and Safety of Students in Schools.”

Students cannot excel academically if they don’t feel safe in vulnerable places. That’s why this legislation:

  • Ensures that public schools maintain separate bathroom and changing facilities for biological boys and biological girls, and
  • Provides that public schools offer reasonable accommodations — like single-occupancy facilities — to any student who is unwilling or unable to use the facility designated for their biological sex.

School districts across the state are feeling pressure from the Biden administration on this issue. Our legislation protects against federal overreach, creates guidance for local school districts, and safeguards the privacy and safety of all students.

A full committee hearing will be forthcoming. We will keep you updated!


7 Responses

  1. This is must legislation for our State and the children that live here. The woke progressives, especially in ADA County have all but ruined the education of our children by this so called Grooming method of teaching. Get back to basic’s in our schools and communities. If the Groomers/Marxists don’t like it move back to Kali4nia!

  2. This is a step in the right direction. I hope they change the language from biological boys and biological girls to biological males and biological females because staff should feel safe too.

  3. Thank you souch! It is good to protect our children from the overreach of the Biden administration on sexual identity and requirements for schools. Privacy and safety in bathrooms and locker room changing areas is very important.

  4. Thank the good Lord for this much needed legislation. Let’s keep going until we have stopped ALL the madness in our schools

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