GREAT NEWS: Heartbeat Bill Reintroduced in Idaho Senate

GREAT NEWS: Heartbeat Bill Reintroduced in Idaho Senate

I have a testimony to share with you.

Earlier this month, our Heartbeat Bill was pulled from consideration in the Idaho State Senate. The series of events that played out were upsetting for many reasons—but most importantly, I was especially devastated for the thousands of preborn children who could have been protected had the bill passed and gone into effect.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call earlier this week that the Heartbeat Bill would be reintroduced. The bill sponsors, Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (R-Caldwell) and Rep. Steven Harris (R-Meridian), have proven their pro-life bona fides through their ceaseless advocacy for this legislation.

Through all of this, I learned an important lesson. Everything we do at the Capitol is in the hands of our Lord. And it is all in His timing—not mine.

This morning I presented the new – and stronger – version of our Heartbeat Bill to the Senate State Affairs Committee. The committee decided to “print” the bill. This means the Heartbeat Bill is back before the legislature once again for consideration! It will receive a full committee hearing soon.

God is good. And we are trusting Him for the outcome, knowing that He is the one fighting the battle!

Please be in prayer as we shepherd the Heartbeat Bill through the legislative process. And be on the lookout for exciting announcements explaining ways you can get involved.

I will keep you updated. And may we keep trusting in Divine Providence!


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