Heartbeat law saving babies RIGHT NOW, plus IFPC in the news

Heartbeat law saving babies RIGHT NOW, plus IFPC in the news



I could hardly contain my enthusiasm when our Heartbeat law became enforceable last Friday.

Why? I knew this law would begin saving babies right away—and that’s exactly what happened.

Immediately following the Idaho State Supreme Court order that allowed the Heartbeat law to go into effect, Planned Parenthood announced they would stop performing most abortions in the state.

And then over the weekend, the Meridian and Twin Falls Planned Parenthood clinics updated their websites to explain that most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy—the point at which a preborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected—will no longer be available in Idaho (see picture above).

Because of our Heartbeat law, babies with beating hearts finally have the legal protection they deserve. Precious babies are being saved! We’re thrilled that God has blessed the years of hard work and perseverance that have led to this moment.

Of course, we have to remember that the Heartbeat law does not extend equal protection of the laws to every preborn child. So in the coming years, Idaho Family Policy Center will be on the frontlines, pushing as hard as ever to make sure that state law respects the personhood of all preborn babies, regardless of the circumstances of their conception or their stage of development.

That being said, I thought I would share excerpts from some of the media hits I’ve done in the past few days following the Idaho State Supreme Court’s decision last week (see below).

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“Idaho Supreme Court allows trigger law banning nearly all abortions to take effect.” Kelcie Moseley-Morris, Idaho Capital Sun (08/12/2022):

Director of the Idaho Family Policy Center Blaine Conzatti, who helped draft and pass the heartbeat law and supported the trigger law, sent a statement Friday evening saying it was a day the pro-life movement had worked toward for decades.

“As we have been saying for months, our Idaho heartbeat law is constitutionally, scientifically and morally sound. We were confident that our heartbeat law would withstand judicial scrutiny, and today is a life-saving step in that direction,” Conzatti wrote. “We remain confident that further litigation on this issue will result in the same outcome, and we expect that thousands of babies will be receive the opportunity to live their lives as a result of this law.”


“More than 100 march through Boise to protest Idaho abortion laws.” Andrew Baertlein, KTVB (08/13/2022):

More than 100 Idahoans marched through the streets of Boise to protest against the state’s abortion laws that restrict accessibility. …

Blaine Conzatti is the president of the Idaho Family Policy Center. He wrote the six-week heartbeat law, which is enforceable today as Idaho law.

“We’re saddened that there is this group of people within our society that have bought into the lies that abortion is healthcare and that abortion is the answer to a child. This is heartbreaking,” Conzatti said.

“From a moral perspective, we know these children are children. The way we talk about babies when a woman gets pregnant is a perfect example. We talk about it as if it’s a baby because it is a baby. We know it’s a baby. Just talk to any mom who has felt the sting of a miscarriage or fetal demise. Talk to any family that hasn’t been able to get pregnant. Just the way we talk about these things from a moral perspective indicate this is a child.”


“The Justice Department attacks Idaho’s pro-life law.” Lisa Savas, World Magazine (08/16/2022):

Blaine Conzatti was speaking at a pro-life event when his phone started blowing up with the news: the Department of Justice on Aug. 2 sued Idaho over its law that would protect most babies from abortion. It claimed that the law, which was set to take effect on Aug. 25 as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, contradicts federal statute because it [doesn’t allow] for abortions in medical emergencies. As the president of the Idaho Family Policy Center, one of the groups that lobbied for the law in 2020, Conzatti was disappointed but unsurprised at the lawsuit. …

Pro-life legal experts argue that the portions of the Idaho law gives physicians plenty of leeway to care for mothers in medical emergencies. Conzatti doesn’t agree with the federal government’s interpretation of the law and believes the lawsuit is frivolous. But he worries that abortion-friendly judges will find in this lawsuit an excuse to strike down state pro-life laws. …

“Whether the courts truly respect the constitutional principles that are at issue in this case, or whether they lazily defer to the federal government’s interpretation of their own statute, is anyone’s guess,” Conzatti said. “And that’s where the rub is.”

For now, the heartbeat law with a Texas-style civil enforcement mechanism that Conzatti and the Idaho Family Policy Center sponsored is protecting babies in the state from abortion once they have detectable heartbeats. The State Supreme Court on Friday allowed it to take effect.


“Idaho Supreme Court won’t block strict abortion bans.” Rebecca Boone, Washington Post (08/12/2022):

Idaho’s strict abortion bans will be allowed to take effect while legal challenges over the laws play out in court, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled Friday. …

Blaine Conzatti, president of the anti-abortion group Idaho Family Policy Center, lauded the decision.

“This is the day that the pro-life movement has worked towards for decades,” Conzatti wrote in a news release, calling it a “great day for preborn babies.”




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  1. Thank you Mr. Conzatti for your great delegence in the fight for human lives. Protecting the lives of defenceless babies is paramount and the greatest thing society can do. Abortion is the catalyst of societies ills and degradation. No society can rise above its ills when it doesn’t protect human life in all stages of life. I applaud your convictions in the fight for saving the lives of countless innocent and the most vulnerable lives. Thank you.

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