ICYMI – Fairness in Women’s Sports

ICYMI – Fairness in Women’s Sports

The last several weeks – heck, this whole year – has been quite a roller coaster. I’d like to call your attention to a few recent items:


The US Department of Justice supports the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act!

Late last week, the Trump DOJ filed a court brief in support of the new Idaho law limiting participation in girls’ high school and college sports to biological females. This huge development came only a few weeks after the federal Department of Education ruled that a Connecticut policy allowing men to play in girls’ sports violates Title IX. “Allowing biological males to compete in all-female sports is fundamentally unfair to female athletes,” said US Attorney General William Barr.


The ACLU wants the NCAA to “boycott” Idaho. Sign the petition now!

It’s sad but true. The ACLU, which once defended Title IX’s promise of equal access to educational opportunities for girls, wants the NCAA to “boycott” Idaho. Specifically, the ACLU wants the NCAA to relocate the 2021 Men’s Basketball Championships that are currently scheduled to be played at the Taco Bell Center in Boise.

The ACLU is sending the message that female athletes are only tolerant and inclusive if they are willing to compete against biological males. Use our action center to send a message asking the NCAA reject the ACLU’s bullying.


California has banned state travel to Idaho.

Calling our newly passed fair sports and birth certificate laws “discriminatory,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has banned state travel to Idaho. The ban mainly applies to state employees, but it also includes college sports teams. California has prohibited taxpayer-funded trips to 12 states, most of whom have religious freedom protections that liberal Californian politicians disagree with.

Maybe the travel ban will reduce the number of Californians moving to Idaho? I’m only joking.


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