Idaho Family Policy Center Statement on Supreme Court Leak

Idaho Family Policy Center Statement on Supreme Court Leak

Earlier today, an unofficial copy of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Moyle v. United States was inadvertently posted to the Court’s website momentarily and immediately taken down.

Assuming that the leaked opinion is representative of the forthcoming final opinion, we’re disappointed in – and strongly disagree with – the decision of the Court.

That said, we’re not surprised by the outcome. Federal government agencies under multiple presidential administrations have incorrectly interpreted EMTALA as requiring emergency room abortions during medical emergencies.

Several years ago, Idaho Family Policy Center warned lawmakers that the ‘life of the mother’ exception in the Trigger law could be construed as conflicting with EMTALA and would almost certainly be challenged in federal court.

For this reason, when we researched, drafted, and championed our Heartbeat law, Idaho Family Policy Center instead utilized an EMTALA-compliant version of the ‘medical emergency’ exception.

At the time, our decision to include this EMTALA-compliant language received criticism from some pro-life allies. But, as a result of careful drafting, our Heartbeat law has survived every court challenge while simultaneously protecting mothers and saving the lives of thousands of preborn babies.

While this decision will certainly have profound implications for abortion policy nationally, the leaked opinion does not affect the power of states to ban elective abortions.

Because ‘medical emergency’ exceptions have proven just as effective as ‘life of the mother’ exceptions in restricting access to elective abortions, we do not anticipate that the abortion rate in Idaho would increase as a result of this ruling.

Regardless of the final outcome, the Biden administration and its pro-abortion allies on the progressive left will never stop attacking pro-life laws that protect the lives of both the mother and the preborn baby.

Now is not the time for those who recognize the sanctity of every preborn human life to back down.

One thing is for sure—Idaho Family Policy Center will not stop fighting to safeguard and strengthen our pro-life protections until every preborn child receives equal protection of the laws.


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  1. Why we need to have an article v convention. To reign in powers and give back to the states and people what was granted by our founding fathers.

  2. I trust the work and integrity of Idaho Family Policy Center and stand behind them in prayer.

  3. Thankyou, Idaho Family Policy Center for looking out for moms & newborns & all the work you are doing here in Idaho! As a natural born Idaho Senior citizen, I thankyou for standing up for Christian faith, values & morals; the same as our forefathers had.

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