NEW POLL RESULTS: Idaho voters on abortion

NEW POLL RESULTS: Idaho voters on abortion

We’re excited to release the final results of our annual Idaho Family Policy Poll—and today, we’re turning our attention to what voters think about Idaho’s abortion laws.

This scientific public opinion poll – commissioned by Idaho Family Policy Center – utilized a large, representative sample of likely Idaho voters. Respondents were contacted by both landline and mobile phone using interactive voice response (IVR) technology.

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1. A decisive majority of likely voters support current Idaho abortion restrictions—and some even want to see our laws strengthened even more.

The activist legacy media is working overtime to persuade Idahoans that voters view our pro-life laws as excessively extreme.

Take Bryan Clark, who serves as the lead opinion writer for the Idaho Statesman newspaper. He frequently trumpets the supposed “unpopularity of Idaho’s extreme abortion laws,” arguing that

“The Legislature has long given into the loudest voices in the room on abortion policy, groups like the Christian nationalist Idaho Family Policy Center. They should think about listening to the silent majority.”

According to the leftist media, the time is ripe for a voter backlash against Idaho legislators who have supported the pro-life reforms that have gone into effect since the US Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs.

However, our public opinion polling debunks these alarmist warnings. We’ve found that a decisive majority of likely Idaho voters (56.2%) believe Idaho abortion laws are either “just right” (38.6%) or “too lenient” (17.7%). Only 43.7% feel that our abortion laws are “too restrictive.”

Remember that the Heartbeat and Trigger laws – the two operative Idaho abortion bans – currently include exceptions that allow mothers to get the care they need during emergency situations, all while respecting the sanctity of human life in the womb.

Based on these results, state legislators should resist calls to expand abortion access. After all, voters stand in support of our pro-life laws—despite what the media alarmists might claim.





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