Petition: Protect Children from Drag Shows

Petition: Protect Children from Drag Shows

What in the world is going on in Idaho?

Accusations that a biologically male drag performer had exposed himself at a community event to onlooking children stunned Coeur d’Alene residents earlier this summer.

The “Pride in the Park” event, which had been billed in promotional materials as “family-friendly,” took place at a city park and bandstand in the conservative North Idaho town.

There, onstage in the heart of the public park, a drag performer danced provocatively in women’s panties and high heels while grabbing his crotch—much of which was captured on video.

Some observers reported the drag queen exposed his genitals to an audience that included many children. The local prosecutor refused to bring charges, insisting that the alleged unlawful activity was not captured by videographic and photographic evidence.

For what it’s worth, Idaho Family Policy Center has reviewed the unedited footage and can confirm it portrays public exposure of the performer’s genitalia.


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