PRESS RELEASE: IFPC Launches Overwhelming Grassroots Opposition Effort to Boise Pride Programs, Asks State Legislature to Prohibit Public Drag Shows

September 11, 2022


BOISE, IDAHO – Idaho Family Policy Center, a pro-family Christian ministry, calls upon the Idaho State Legislature to protect children and safeguard public virtue by prohibiting drag shows in public places or other areas where children are present.

In response to the news last week that a drag story time and kids’ drag event would be included as part of the programming for the Boise Pride Festival, Idaho Family Policy Center (IFPC) leapt into action by organizing an overwhelming grassroots groundswell through a statewide petition drive and email advocacy campaign:

  1. Petition: In less than two days, more than 3,500 concerned community members signed our petition asking state legislators to “implement legal reform that would prohibit drag performances in public places where children are present.”
  2. Email Advocacy Campaign: Over the course of 36 hours, outraged Idahoans used the IFPC Action Center to send more than 26,000 emails to corporate sponsors of the Boise Pride Festival. The email warned corporate sponsors that Idahoans “may no longer continue patronizing” their companies if they “keep supporting events that exploit vulnerable children and corrupt our public morals.” Several sponsors subsequently withdrew their participation from the event—even after the kids’ drag event was postponed.


Public drag performances are becoming increasingly common in Idaho. At a Pride event in a Coeur d’Alene public park last summer, a male drag performer danced provocatively in women’s panties and high heels while grabbing his crotch—much of which was captured on video. Some observers reported the drag queen exposed his genitals to an audience that included many children, but the local prosecutor refused to bring charges. IFPC has reviewed the unedited footage and can confirm it portrays public exposure of the performer’s genitalia.

In response to these events, Idaho Family Policy Center plans to support legislation in the upcoming legislative session that would address this growing issue.


A statement from Blaine Conzatti, president of Idaho Family Policy Center:

It’s illegal for children to patronize strip clubs, and we don’t allow them to hang around adult movie stores. So why do we sanction sexualized drag performances in public parks and community libraries?

Most Idahoans agree that sexual exhibitions like drag shows don’t belong in public places where children are present. That’s why more than 3,500 Idahoans signed our petition within a timespan of less than two days. Our children’s innocence—and public virtue—must be protected.

Drag shows in public places are certainly unconscionable, but under current Idaho law, these sexual exhibitions are actually legal. Therefore, Idaho Family Policy Center calls upon the state legislature to update our laws in the next legislative session so that innocent children are protected from these appalling displays of sexual deviancy.


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