Pro-Lifers For Biden?

You have probably seen that a group of “pro-life evangelicals” endorsed Joe Biden for president.

These professed Christians argue that “poverty, lack of accessible health care services, smoking, racism and climate change are all pro-life issues.” The effort is led by prominent socialists, including Ron Sider, and other academics identified with the Christian Left.

Given the importance of the upcoming election, a few things must be said in response to the arguments offered in the “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” manifesto, found here.


It is unthinkable that the most consistent pro-life ethic would result in voting for a candidate who supports abortion-on-demand up to birth.

A truly biblical pro-life ethic recognizes the right to life as the most fundamental of human rights that civil government is created to protect.

Yet Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support taxpayer-funded abortions at any gestational age—including the most gruesome of abortion procedures, dismemberment abortion, in which a preborn child is ripped apart using surgical instruments while still alive in its mother’s womb.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Kamala Harris has also worked closely with Planned Parenthood throughout her political career.

When Kamala Harris was the attorney general of California, she attempted to silence and make an example of David Daleiden, an undercover journalist who had secretly recorded conversations with abortionists exposing crimes committed by Planned Parenthood clinics. Harris ruthlessly prosecuted Daleiden, sending state agents to raid his apartment and seize his recording and computer equipment. Daleiden has filed a lawsuit against Harris and California, alleging that his civil rights were violated when Harris “weaponized” the law against him to shield Planned Parenthood.


We must make a distinction between “sanctity of life” and “quality of life.”

Poverty, healthcare, racism, and environmental concerns undoubtedly affect the lives of many people – and they are important issues for Christians to think about. But these are “quality of life” issues, not “sanctity of life” issues. While quality of life issues are important, they pale in comparison to the question of whether our system of law will protect the very existence of the most defenseless human beings created in the image of God.

What are pro-life issues, rightly considered? Euthanasia, abortion, and various facets of medical ethics like Simon’s Law all appropriately fall under this umbrella. We should be careful, though, not to stretch the pro-life label so thin that it ceases to mean anything.


Government welfare programs intended to alleviate poverty actually harm families and keep people in poverty—especially people of color.

Groups like “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” would trade precious lives for an administration beholden to the welfare state. Welfare programs trap families in a cycle of dependence, incentivize unwed births and fatherless homes, and discourage recipients from developing the skills and character traits necessary for self-sufficiency and a fulfilled life.

The real needs of the poor must be met but pushing more Americans into our welfare state is not a biblical way to do that. For starters, the Bible instructs us that charity should be the purview of the family and the church—so why would we send the poor to a dysfunctional government welfare system when that care is our responsibility? As Christians, we are called to care for the poor out of our love for God (1 John 3:17), to provide accountability  to the recipients of our charity (1 Timothy 5:9-13), and to give out of joy and not from compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:7). Sadly, the government welfare system is not only not the Church, but it fails to live up to basic biblical principles.


God has entrusted us with the responsibility of voting for candidates whose policies most reflect His eternal justice. Voting for the candidate that best protects life is a biblical obligation of all Christians.

Preventing and punishing the murder of the innocent is the most important responsibility of government—and our votes should help ensure that we live up to this promise.


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