Send Message to Twin Falls Library About LGBT Display

Send Message to Twin Falls Library About LGBT Display

As you may have already heard or seen, the Twin Falls Public Library is prominently featuring a “Pride” display of books, handouts, and other media—all celebrating LGBT lifestyles.

Many of the books are sexually explicit and morally offensive, praising deviant sexual behaviors and encouraging those struggling with gender dysphoria to undergo harmful and often irreversible hormone therapies and sex reassignment surgeries. The display also includes material explaining why it is important to be an LGBT “ally.”

There are no opposing perspectives included in the display—nothing that explains the health problems associated with these lifestyles, and no books from a Christian or conservative perspective that thoughtfully and respectfully interacts with LGBT literature. Frankly, this type of display is indoctrination at its finest.

The library board of trustees will be considering the appropriateness of this display at its next board meeting.

Please use our Action Center to send a message to the library trustees and ask them to take down the display and stop promoting radical LGBT philosophies and lifestyles.


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