Statesman Combats Human Trafficking in Nampa

Statesman Combats Human Trafficking in Nampa

Every summer, dozens of state legislators and officeholders from across the country come together at the Statesman Academy™, a project of Family Policy Foundation. Through this weeklong program, a rising generation of statesmen are trained and equipped to promote biblically sound policy with a message of inspired hope.

Because of your financial support for this project, three Idaho state legislators and city councilmembers have had the opportunity to attend the Statesman Academy. We plan for many more to attend next year.

Rick Hogaboam, a Nampa city councilman and the most recent Idaho graduate of the Statesman Academy, has made local news headlines recently for his effort to end human trafficking in his city.

Hogaboam is taking on the illicit massage parlors that operate as fronts for prostitution operations. He believes that many of the women performing sex acts in these massage parlors are victims of human trafficking.

Massage parlors are the second most common location for human trafficking, according an analysis by Polaris, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing human trafficking.

We proudly stand behind the efforts of Councilman Hogaboam to work with Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling and Rep. Brent Crane to end this inhumane and barbarous practice, and we pray other Idaho cities and towns will follow suit.

You can read more about Councilman Rick Hogaboam’s fight against human trafficking at the Idaho Press website.


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