UPDATE: Flying M Dispensing Abortifacients

UPDATE: Flying M Dispensing Abortifacients


Last week we wrote to let you know that Flying M is distributing abortifacients at both its Boise and Nampa locations.

You may have noticed that we did not name the Caldwell location. Each Flying M in the Treasure Valley is independently owned and operated, and the Caldwell location does not offer these drugs.

We have since spoken with the owners and learned why. The owners of the Flying M in Caldwell were asked to make abortifacients  available in their store—but decided against it. Praise God!

Both the Boise and Nampa Flying M locations are sporting abortifacient displays provided and stocked by Idaho Abortion Rights, a “mutual aid collective” dedicated to helping women achieve abortions.

Since launching our action alert last week, we’ve fielded questions like, “But isn’t abortion illegal in Idaho? How can coffee shops get away with distributing these pills?”

Idaho Family Policy Center has worked hard to outlaw abortion at the state policy level. But “emergency contraceptives” like ellaJulie, and Plan B – as they are currently classified by the FDA – fall outside the legal definition of abortion and are available over-the-counter, even though they can end a pregnancy after conception.


Coffee shops should stick to brewing coffee, not dispensing deadly drugs. Here are three action items for you:

1. Send an email to Flying M in Boise and Nampa to let them know that you will not purchase their coffee if they continue distributing abortifacients that destroy new human life.

2. Call the Caldwell location of Flying M to thank them for their life-affirming choice: (208) 718-2720

3. Forward this email to your friends—we need to keep building momentum and pressing this issue!


It is up to the citizens of our great state to effect change in the way no policymaker can: by directly influencing the marketplace. After prayer, money is one of the most powerful influencers in the world. If every Christian is mindful of how they vote with their dollars, we can create a culture of life.


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    1. Unfortunately, yes. We need people to keep pressing this issue by sharing this action alert with friends and family!

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