VICTORY! Federal Court Upholds School Bathroom Law

VICTORY! Federal Court Upholds School Bathroom Law

In a major victory for Idaho children, U.S. District Judge David Nye has ordered that our law requiring students to use school restrooms consistent with their biological sex will go back into full force and effect next month.

Senate Bill 1100 – which was drafted by Idaho Family Policy Center and sponsored by Sen. Ben Adams (R-Nampa) and Rep. Ted Hill (R-Eagle) – had originally gone into effect in July. However, the following month, Judge Nye issued a temporary restraining order blocking its enforcement pending further court review.

In the decision handed down last night, Judge Nye upheld the law, writing, “The state of Idaho has an interest in protecting the privacy and safety of its youth while at school. [Senate Bill 1100 achieves] that goal, while also mandating a reasonable accommodation for any student who feels he or she cannot follow the law.”

We’re thrilled that the court affirmed what we’ve been saying all along—that Senate Bill 1100 is substantially related to the important government interest in protecting the privacy rights of all public school students.

After all, every child deserves safety in vulnerable places like school bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers.


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