What Kind of Idaho Do You Want?

What Kind of Idaho Do You Want?

My family moved to Idaho for the same reasons as many of the kindhearted new Idahoans I have met while traveling the state.

Aside from the Gem State’s natural beauty, we wanted to live in a community that shared our values—where our religious freedom would be respected, where our rights as parents to raise our children according the dictates of our faith and conscience would be honored, and where our pocketbook wouldn’t be taxed into bareness.

Idaho is great place to raise a family. We want to keep it that way. But it will take work.

We’ve seen some states that historically have shared many of the same characteristics as Idaho flip, becoming places hostile to families and biblical values.

Why did it happen in those places, and what can we do to keep it from happening here? God gives every person an obligation to exercise informed, biblical citizenship—to faithfully discharge their duties in self-government, family government, and civil government.

Unfortunately, too often good people become apathetic. They either take for granted that their communities will always be safe places run by good people, or they grow frustrated at some of the things taking place in government and ‘check out’ instead of working to transform it.

In a republic like ours, the government reflects the character of the people who are most involved. We can make positive change through voting for good candidates, educating ourselves and our neighbors, communicating with our elected leaders, and supporting organizations like Family Policy Alliance of Idaho.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is dedicated to unleashing biblical citizenship through:

  1. Electing and equipping statesmen with the training and resources they need to advance biblical values in Idaho.
  2. Helping biblical citizens understand the tremendous rights, responsibilities, influence, and opportunities they have as citizens by offering the tools they need to effectively engage with their family, friends, and communities—for good!
  3. Working alongside our local, state, and national allies to maximize resources and leverage our impact, advancing the causes that matter most to you and your family for generations to come.

If we are to preserve Idaho for generations to come as a place for families, we all need to pitch in. We can’t afford to shy away from the hard work.

Will you consider standing with Family Policy Alliance of Idaho today? A gift of $25 or $75 will make a positive impact on Idaho!

One way we can show that we take seriously our God-given responsibility to promote biblical values in our communities and government is by financially contributing to those organizations working to do exactly that.

Please act now to help build an Idaho in which God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished!


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