Five Ways to Get Involved

1. Sign Up for Email Updates

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Every Christian has the biblical responsibility to vote in every election for candidates that will govern according to God’s standards.

You can register to vote online at the official state website: VoteIdaho.Gov.

2. Register to Vote

3. Use the Action Center

We make it easy for you to contact your elected officials on important issues that affect Idaho families. Exercise your right to make your voice heard by asking them to support biblically sound policies.

Biblical Activism Bootcamp is a single-day seminar geared toward equipping Christians with the biblical foundations they need to exercise their responsibilities as citizens. These trainings are hosted at local churches throughout the state and include informative sessions taught by IFPC staff, Christian leaders, and key policymakers.

4. Participate in our Biblical Activism Bootcamp

5. Join the IFPC Prayer Coalition

Prayer Coalition Warriors are ministry partners committed to engaging the powers of darkness with our most effective weapon: PRAYER. They receive an exclusive weekly email newsletter that includes prayer requests, action items to share with their church or friend group, and video devotions. Additionally, Prayer Coalition Warriors have the opportunity to participate in private strategy calls and special events.