ALERT: Religious Freedom Under Attack at Idaho Legislature

ALERT: Religious Freedom Under Attack at Idaho Legislature

It’s been a slow start to the state legislative session, which convened on January 10, 2022. Even so, a major threat to religious liberty and parental rights has raised its head in recent days.

Shockingly, two Democratic state legislators have introduced a bill that would make Christian counseling illegal for children struggling with sexual orientation and gender dysphoria.

This so-called “conversion therapy ban” would apply to licensed mental health providers employed by churches and Christian counseling groups who use talk therapy to help children accept their God-given sex and live according to a biblical sexual ethic.

The legislation (House Bill 483), which is sponsored by Rep. John McCrostie (D-Garden City) and Sen. Grant Burgoyne (D-Boise), was introduced late last week in the House Committee on Health and Welfare.

Here’s the bad news: we’ve been made aware that a committee hearing on HB483 is forthcoming.

Please use our action center to send an email to the committee members asking them to vote against this dangerous and radical legislation!


3 Responses

  1. Please do not let HB483 pass. This is a religious freedom issue. One has the right to seek this kind of help. This would be a form of censorship as well as controlling religious freedom, not to mention discriminatory of which are found in and protected under our constitution.

  2. I was horrified to see this bill and that it could become law! It is truly an assault on religious freedom. I pray that Idaho does not fall prey to the Sodom and Gamorah ideology that those two men are endorsing by creating such a bill. They need to get out of our legislature!

  3. Ridiculous. These people are evil. They are sending our kids down a road that is very difficult to return from. There is no happy ever after, after these decisions are made. Our schools need to go back to reading, writing, arithmetic and leave the social aspects to the parents. The blind leading the blind is a disaster in the making. So sad.

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