ALERT: Tell St. Luke’s to Stop Pushing LGBT Agenda

ALERT: Tell St. Luke’s to Stop Pushing LGBT Agenda

It’s almost June, which means we’re on the cusp of Pride month. This time every year, radical activists around the country pull double-duty to normalize unbiblical lifestyle choices and promote the sexualization of children.

Sadly, Idaho is no exception. We recently learned that StLuke‘s Health System plans to fly the rainbow flag at approximately eight locations across the state, according to an internal email.

Medical researchers have long known that homosexual behaviors bring a higher risk of health problems like HIV, STD’s, alcoholism, cardiovascular disease, mental health struggles, and other chronic illnesses.

StLuke‘s is Idaho’s largest healthcare provider—sworn to “do no harm.”  But here they are actively celebrating and promoting destructive lifestyles that conflict with the values of many Idahoans!

Woke medical care is dangerous. It’s time to make our voices heard.

Tell StLuke‘s to knock it off and stop pushing the LGBT agenda onto families in the Gem State!




6 Responses

  1. I am offended by this “pride” flag being flown anywhere in the area especially anywhere there is an AMERICAN FLAG being flown!!! The straight conservative American’s are so sick and tired of our Veterans being treated the way they are and these LGBTQ CLOWNS being given every liberty and consideration. WE ARE SICK OF THIS AGENDA BEING PUSHED AND SHOVED IN OUR FACES!!! Let them celebrate their decisions to be the way they have chosen to be without trampling on my or any other AMERICAN’s rights and beliefs!!!

  2. What are my rights as an employee who does not agree with St Luke’s woke agenda. I do not support the flying of a Pride flag. What can I do?

  3. I’m dismayed that an organization called, St. Luke’s, would feel the need to fly a flag celebrating what this pride celebration has become. I can have love for someone while not sharing their beliefs, and not bowing to pressure from perception and a few individuals. Pride is no longer a group of people looking for acceptance and a lack of hostility for their feelings. Now this group has grown to include people who want to flaunt sexual practices in front of others, and especially in public where children are exposed to things they should not be until they can fully comprehend such feelings and actions. For the same reason I would not want a confederate flag flown, I do not want a pride flag flown. I hope our city leadership can see this and put a stop to it for this year and going forward.

  4. I am deeply offended and saddened that St Luke’s would approve and support the pride celebration. This is clearly harmful for children. Let’s protect their innocence and purity.

  5. I am a Nurse. Healthcare has done a 180 since I started 30+ years ago. It is not about the health or care of patients. It is about the financial health and care of the Organization. “Gender -Affirming” services are a cash cow in earnings for the industry. Between surgery, life-long medication and physical follow-up, and mental health treatment, the service line is a giant udder of endless earning. Therefore, Healthcare Organizations are at the forefront of driving the agenda.

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