Idaho Supreme Court issues final ruling on Heartbeat and Trigger laws—and babies will be saved!

Life-saving news for precious preborn babies came from our state’s highest court today.

In its decision, the Idaho State Supreme Court allowed both the Heartbeat law and Trigger law to remain in effect, rejecting Planned Parenthood’s argument that the Idaho State Constitution protects an unenumerated right to abortion.

As a result of the order issued this afternoon, both the civil enforcement mechanism of the Heartbeat law and the criminal penalties of the Trigger law remain in full force and effect.

We have been saying for years that the Heartbeat law drafted and championed by Idaho Family Policy Center is constitutionally, scientifically, and morally sound. Today settles that debate once and for all.

Because of these two pro-life laws, thousands of Idaho babies will receive the opportunity to live their lives and reach their highest potential.

I especially want to thank the legislative sponsors who worked tirelessly to protect human life in the womb—Rep. Steven Harris and Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, who sponsored the Heartbeat law; and Rep. Megan Blanksma and Sen. Todd Lakey, who sponsored the Trigger law.

The pro-life movement has worked toward this day for decades with sweat, tears, and sacrifice. It is a great day for precious preborn babies in Idaho!


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