Joint Statement on Hempfest

On Saturday, May 11, marijuana advocates will once again host their “Boise Hempfest” in Julia Davis Park. This annual event, which is marketed as “family friendly,” glorifies illegal drug use and the drug culture that accompanies it.

As community leaders, we condemn this event, as well as all efforts to legalize marijuana. While many paint marijuana usage as harmless and fun, scientific and empirical data demonstrates otherwise.

States that tread down the road of marijuana legalization experience numerous social problems, including family disintegration, public health crises, and a substantial increase in violent crimes.

For example, Colorado experienced a staggering 36.5% spike in its violent crime rate after legalization, while traffic fatalities related to marijuana use increased by 135%.

These outcomes are not surprising, especially given that marijuana use is linked to increased rates of schizophrenia, psychosis, suicidality, addiction, and substance use disorder.

Put simply, marijuana harms not only individual users, but also society as a whole. For this reason, we must stand together to protect the sobriety, health, safety, and welfare of the general populace.

Idahoans must learn the lessons from neighboring Washington, Oregon, and California.

Let’s preserve the Idaho way, reject drug culture, and champion a thriving future for our families and communities.

Blaine Conzatti

President, Idaho Family Policy Center

Sen. Chuck Winder

Senate President Pro Tempore

Boise, District 20


Sen. Mark Harris

Senate Majority Caucus Chair

Soda Springs, District 35


Rep. Dale Hawkins

Fernwood, District 2


Rep. Heather Scott

Blanchard, District 2


Rep. Jordan Redman

Coeur d’Alene, District 3


Rep. Joe Alfieri

Coeur d’Alene, District 4


Rep. Elaine Price

Coeur d’Alene, District 4


Sen. Ben Toews

Coeur d’Alene, District 4


Rep. Judy Boyle

Midvale, District 9


Rep. Jacyn Gallagher

Weiser, District 9


Sen. Tammy Nichols

Middleton, District 10


Rep. Bruce Skaug

Nampa, District 10


Sen. C. Scott Grow

Eagle, District 14

Sen. Mark Harris

Senate Majority Caucus Chair

Soda Springs, District 35


Rep. Sage Dixon

House Assistant Majority Leader

Ponderay, District 1


Rep. Ted Hill

Eagle, District 14


Rep. James Holtzclaw

Meridian, District 20


Rep. John Vander Woude

Nampa, District 22


Rep. Tina Lambert

Caldwell, District 23


Rep. Chenele Dixon

Kimberly, District 24


Sen. Glenneda Zuiderveld

Twin Falls, District 24


Rep. Julianne Young

Blackfoot, District 30


Sen. Kevin Cook

Idaho Falls, District 32


Rep. Barbara Ehardt

Idaho Falls, District 33


Rep. Kevin Andrus

Lava Hot Springs, District 35


Gayann DeMordaunt

Former State Representative

Eagle, District 14


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