Let Boise State University President Know You Don’t Support Special “Rainbow” LGBT Graduations

Boise State University’s “diversity, equality, and inclusion” initiatives have generated lots of news recently. One such initiative, “Rainbow Graduation,” offered a special graduation event and ceremony just for LGBT students. The ceremony was emceed by a “transqueen” who had previously competed in Boise’s Next Drag Superstar. Rainbow honor cords and “ally” pins were distributed to students who attended.

As Idahoans, we desire to see all people treated with dignity. As taxpayers, we want all students at Boise State University to receive a quality education.

Diversity and inclusion events at BSU are a distraction from these goals. These initiatives are offensive to our shared values and a waste of limited school resources.

Sadly, the problem isn’t limited to just one graduation event. Other diversity and inclusion programs include interactive workshops and movie screenings that foster an environment of prejudice toward students holding Christians beliefs.

Let Boise State University President Marlene Tromp know you think their radical social agenda is divisive and a distraction from providing a quality education to all students.

You can send a message to President Tromp in our Action Center – it only takes a few seconds. And please pass this along to others so they can make their voices heard, too!


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