NEWS ROUNDUP: More Library Book Controversy đź“š, Bad Biden Policies, and Upcoming Events

NEWS ROUNDUP: More Library Book Controversy đź“š, Bad Biden Policies, and Upcoming Events

1. Meridian high school student pulls graduation stunt over library books đź“š

One local high school student’s graduation ceremony stunt is going viral—and for all the wrong reasons.

Annabelle Jenkins – a graduating senior at Idaho Fine Arts Academy in Meridian – walked across the graduation stage like any other graduate, shaking hands with teachers and administrators.

But when she finally reached West Ada Superintendent Derek Bub, her demeanor changed quickly.

Instead of shaking his hand, Annabelle dropped at his feet a copy of the graphic novel adaptation of the Handmaid’s Tale, which had been voluntarily removed from the school library earlier this year after a faculty committee determined it was inappropriate for students.

A TikTok video of the incident has generated more than 25 million views over the last two weeks. In an interview with the Idaho Statesman, Annabelle characterized her protest as a “polite but impactful way to stand up against book removals.”

Polite? Debatable. Snotty? Definitely.

Liberal activists like the Idaho Library Association are seizing on the story, portraying Annabelle as a “hero” fighting “book bans” and “censorship.” Likewise, an Idaho Statesman article about the incident used the phrase “book ban” five times.

Of course, such overcharged rhetoric about book bans and censorship is absurd. After all, children can still acquire the book through their parents or local store, and they’re still allowed to read and write about the book at school.

Most importantly, all of this hoopla misses the real issue at play, which is this: Although the graphic novel adaptation of the Handmaid’s Tale doesn’t meet the legal standard for obscenity, a good argument can be made that its sexually graphic imagery and themes—many of which deal with forced sex and abortion—are age-inappropriate for a public school library that serves children as young as 11 years old.

We’re thankful that West Ada is stepping up to ensure children have access to age-appropriate books, despite the protests. We pray that more schools follow their lead.


2. Proposed Biden Admin rule will crush Christian foster parents

No one denies that our foster care system is in crisis. Here in Idaho, for example, foster children are sometimes sent to live in short-term rentals when not enough foster homes are available.

Leave it to the Biden Administration to make it harder for Christians to serve as foster parents.

According to Tyler O’Neil, managing editor for the Daily Signal:

Transgender orthodoxy may soon become a litmus test for parenthood, according to the logic of a new policy working its way through the Department of Health and Human Services under President Joe Biden.

A new rule in HHS’ Administration for Children and Families would apply the idea that any lack of “affirmation” constitutes a form of child abuse to foster care placements.

Under the new Biden rule, foster care agencies will now be required to ensure that foster families affirm children’s self-proclaimed LGBT identities and provide them with LGBT-affirming resources.

By conflating traditional views of gender and sexuality with child abuse, the new rule may also have frightening implications for parental rights outside of foster care.

After all, if failing to affirm children’s LGBT identities is deemed child abuse in foster care, what would prevent child protective services agencies from applying the same logic to parents and their biological children? They tried it in California just last year—and more of these attempts are sure to come.


3. Last chance to register for Coeur d’Alene bootcamp with Rick Green, Theo Wold, and others

It is not too late to register for our next Biblical Activism Bootcamp next Saturday, June 15, at The Altar church.

Throughout the day, you’ll receive instruction on winsomely engaging the culture, effectively participating in the political process, and positively impacting our community. Speakers include:

  • Rick Green (Patriot Academy)
  • Theo Wold (former Idaho Solicitor General)
  • John Seago (Texas Right to Life)
  • Joseph Backholm (Family Research Council)
  • Blaine Conzatti (Idaho Family Policy Center)

Registration is FREE, but you must register if you want to attend—and spots are limited, so don’t wait!


4. Calling all public service minded students: don’t miss out on Patriot Academy’s Leadership Congress!

Does your high school or college student plan to serve in the church, a family, business, government, education, media, or the arts?

Do they desire to be equipped with the practical skills they need to be a leader and influence their community, state, nation, and world?

If you answered yes to the above, we would like to invite students ages 16-25 to join Patriot Academy’s Northwest Leadership Congress in Idaho this summer, June 17-19, 2024.

Idaho Family Policy Center is proud to partner with Patriot Academy on this event—and this year, we’re offering a discount code for those who decide to join!

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