PRESS RELEASE: Thanks to Federal Court Order, Most Preborn Babies Will Receive Legal Protection Tomorrow


August 24, 2022

BOISE, IDAHO – Thanks to a federal court order issued late this afternoon, another pro-life law, colloquially called the Trigger law, will become effective tomorrow, August 25.

The criminal penalties of the Trigger law will supersede the criminal penalties section of the Heartbeat law, which became effective last Friday, August 19.

However, it is important to note that the civil enforcement mechanism of the Heartbeat law will remain effective, offering family members of unlawfully aborted preborn babies the opportunity to recover statutory damages from the abortionists who caused them and their families harm.

A statement from Blaine Conzatti, president of Idaho Family Policy Center:
“This is another day for the history books. Just 13 days after the Idaho State Supreme Court allowed the Idaho Heartbeat law to go into effect, another pro-life law, colloquially called the Trigger law, will become effective—and it will protect even more preborn Idahoans.

“The Biden administration’s legal challenge has failed to block the Trigger law from becoming enforceable tomorrow. This frivolous lawsuit will ultimately be exposed as a last-ditch attempt on the part of a pro-abortion presidential administration to keep abortion legal and easily accessible in Idaho.

“The Trigger law is a great next step toward ensuring the legal protection of all preborn babies, but it’s not our final goal. We’re going to keep pushing until every preborn child, regardless of the circumstances of their conception, receives equal protection in every area of state law.”

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