News Roundup: University DEI | Huge human trafficking revelation

News Roundup: University DEI | Huge human trafficking revelation

1. DEI-loving Harvard University president resigns—but we still need to clean house here in Idaho

Harvard University President Claudine Gay – whose radicalism was put on open display during congressional hearings on campus antisemitism last month – has resigned after weeks of public controversy.

The resignation is not a huge loss for Harvard—after all, Claudine Gay is not much of a scholar. In fact, there are credible allegations of her plagiarizing entire text blocks from other scholars without attribution.

So why was she hired to run one of the nation’s premier universities? University sources attribute her rise through the ranks to her woke DEI ideology and her membership in a key intersectional group—black females.

Here’s why this story should matter to you: Claudine Gay and Harvard University aren’t alone. DEI is now pervasive on higher education campuses everywhere—including here in Idaho.

Send a message through our Action Center asking Gov. Brad Little to issue an executive order ensuring that our public colleges and universities aren’t used as social engineering firms for the DEI agenda.

2. YIKES: Pornhub’s parent company admits it profited from sex trafficking

It’s shocking but true: Pornhub’s parent company recently admitted in court that it has financially benefited from the exploitation of sex trafficking victims.

The pornography website – which claims that porn helps empower women through sexual liberation – promoted videos from a porn channel that featured scenes of women who had been forced into performing sex acts without their consent. Several owners of the porn channel were convicted of human sex trafficking.

As a result, Pornhub’s owners have agreed to pay a $1.8 million fine, and they still could face a criminal charges for engaging in unlawful monetary transactions involving proceeds from sex trafficking, according to federal prosecutors.

Pornhub’s degeneracy doesn’t stop there—the site also neglects to verify the age of its users.

More than 85% of likely Idaho voters believe that state law should require age verification before users can access pornography websites, according to a statewide public opinion poll commissioned by Idaho Family Policy Center.

3. Ohio Governor vetoes a bill that would have protected gender-confused children from irreversible bodily damage

Earlier this week, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine gave the green light to the medical industrial complex by vetoing legislation that would have protected gender confused children from harmful pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

Walt Heyer, a senior fellow at one of our national partners, Family Research Council, expressed his disappointment with the Ohio governor in a press release:

“I detransitioned over 30 years ago. I know about consequences. The known consequences of these experimental procedures include infertility, sterility, osteoporosis, liver damage, mental health issues, including suicide ideation, and skeletal bone thinning. Years from now, today’s children who are so convinced they need these experimental procedures will be confronted by the tragic personal consequences arising from Governor DeWine’s veto.”

Thankfully, the Ohio Legislature can still right this wrong by overriding the governor’s veto.

Nationwide, more than 20 states – including Idaho – have enacted protections for gender-confused children in the last few years.

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