PETITION: Protect Children from Library “Erotica”

PETITION: Protect Children from Library “Erotica”

Not too long ago, most parents never would’ve imagined that their young children would stumble upon pornography while visiting community libraries.

That’s no longer the case, as evidenced by our policy report detailing more than fifty school and public libraries in the Gem State that make obscene materials available to children.

Some folks, including Idaho Statesman editorial writer Bryan Clark, say this isn’t actually happening and accuse us of manufacturing outrage.

But Robert Wright, who serves as the director for the Idaho Falls Public Library, said the quiet part out loud during a legislative committee hearing on library pornography yesterday, when he admitted to shelving “erotica” within reach of children:

“I can tell you: We have erotica in our library, because people want to read it. There’s been erotica in libraries since the Library of Alexandria.”

Yikes! What’s even more concerning? While Robert Wright “hope[s] that children don’t read” graphic sexual materials, he said the Idaho Falls Public Library Board of Trustees believes it would be too burdensome to take reasonable steps to protect children from accessing these books.

All of this explains why the Children’s School and Library Protection Act (H384) – which largely utilizes model bill language drafted by Idaho Family Policy Center – is so important.

Thankfully, the bill was reintroduced this legislative session—and it’s now headed to the House floor. 

Here’s what you can do to help: Sign our petition now asking legislators to fix this problem once and for all!

School and public libraries should be safe spaces for children. Let’s make it clear that protecting children from obscene library books is a no-brainer!


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  1. Please protect Idaho’s children from becoming collateral damage as the left advances their socialist agenda. Children are injured when they are exposed to erotic materials beyond their mental and emotional comprehension levels.

    1. Library’s should have all books 📚 however some books should be kept away from children. And if parents want their children to read smut the parent can check out the book for them to read at home 🏡

  2. This bill should be commonsense to protect children from obscene materials. They are in school to learn reading, writing, history and math!! This is why more and more parents are homeschooling and going to private schools. Do not follow CA. radical school curriculum!!

  3. I am fully aware that our schools are carrying many pornographic books in school libraries. This has got to be monitored & these books removed. Our children have enough life issues not to have this smut available to them.

  4. What has happened to our country based on the Founding Father’s Christian beliefs as they wrote the Constitution. Wake up America! Protect our posterity for now and for the future.

  5. It’s truly sad that this is even needed. Librarians should be the guardians of children instead of advocating for them to read what ever they want. I was watching a true crime video of a young Idaho man who killed his mother, and was found out before he was going to slaughter his local school. It turns out he was a huge fan of the book series American Psycho, and other dark books and movies, like The Shining. Democrats want red flag laws to protect life, well here is where their efforts are needed to watch out for children’s best interest and grow their minds in a positive light.

    Librarians should be the protectors of children, not enablers of mental disorders and default groomers.

  6. It doesn’t take much effort to insure that children are not browsing through books in the adult section. I’ve never been to a public library that didn’t have the children’s section segregated away from adults. “too burdensome to take reasonable steps”, this lame response sounds more like “I don’t want to be troubled to do the minimal.”

  7. When I discovered a copy of “ITS PERFECTLY NORMAL” by Robie H Harris and Michael Emberley is shelved and accessible to elementary age children in my Ustick Public Library, and I was stunned by its content. This publication includes “full color illustrations to describe every possible sex act.” I’m 69 years old and taught 9th grade English and Newspaper in the Meridian School District for 20 years; I do not shock easily but this publication is simply not appropriate for every reader and believe it is irresponsible to expose young children to its contents without parental supervision. I was advised to apply for “request for reconsideration.” I did; I also provided evidence of how dangerous it is for young children to be exposed to explicit sexual materials absent a specific purpose and appropriate guidance. It is important to note, my request was not a demand for censor but to request to remove this book from the children’s open shelves and allow parents and grandparents access by request only. Thereby protecting young readers from being exposed to inappropriate materials that will likely confuse, mislead, and even increase a child’s vulnerability to sexual predators. Still, my request was denied – the stated position of the committee: “this book serves a purpose for some children so it will continue to be readily available to all children.” I am saddened and resentful that my tax dollars are being used to purposely subvert the development of our children when protecting the majority would have minimal effect on the minority.

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